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Satellite TV offers a quality digital signal for a wide range of television channels.  Many channels are now FREE TO AIR.

What is Free to Air Satellite?
Free to Air Satellite is a term to describe satellite signals which you can legally receive without a subscription.  Free to Air Satellite programming is encoded with MPEG 2 but is not encrypted and, therefore, freely available.  Hence the term Free to Air.

Please contact your local installer about Free to Air installation. 

What is Freesat/Sat4Free?
Freesat/Sat4Free is a new Free to Air Satellite service from the BBC which was launched in May 2008.  It offers over 130 digital TV and radio channels and also has Free HD channels aswell.  An 8 day on screen programme guide makes it easy to choose what to watch.

Please contact your local installer about Freesat/Sat4Free installation

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